Avenue Music Project

The AMP WebSpider likes to wander around while spinning its friendly musical web. Its "spidey senses" always lead it towards a variety of Internet websites where it is attracted to the light of musical creativity, which is its favorite delight. In this page, you will find some of the places in the web where it wishes to lure all lovers of great rock music.
You are now listening to the progressif rock song All My Lovin'.

We love creative sites.

AMP Webspider’s friendly sites

You may already know some of the sites caught in the AMP spider's web with
The Rose rock song video used as bait : first, the inescapable YouTube, then Dailymotion and Veoh, finally all over the musical World Wide Web with Viewbix. Here are some other "tasty creative" spots it believes are good for AMP's exposure.

Also, our AMP WebSpider gently trapped Myspace into its cobweb, since it is a website where you can discover, share and connect with culture, creativity, sound, images and people. Expressing our creativity is one of man’s most fundamental needs, as it unites us with the ultimate originative force, so we are therefore proud to be a part of one of the web’s most innovative platforms, Tumblr, a superb microblogging and social networking website which encourages artistry in a wide variety of fields. I like tasty rock and pop sites.

Furthermore, our spider cannot resist the temptation of tasting Flickr, which is almost certainly the best online photo and video management and sharing application in the world, and also Photobucket another similar place where you must however sign up to view or upload photos and videos. Its last prey was Vimeo, a video-sharing website where you also have to sign up to upload, share and view videos; it is interesting to note that the word Vimeo, a "mix" of video and me, is an anagram of the word movie.

Spidery puns and analogies aside, we would be delighted to set up a link exchange with websites sharing a common theme (preferably rock music) in order for each of us to provide sources of additional and beneficial content to our visitors.