Avenue Music Project

Hi music lovers! We are pleased to welcome you to this website.
You are now listening to a song from a very special album of
never released and original pop, rock and progressive music.
These amazing demo songs were written by three musicians from Montreal, Canada, who give you the right to download them for free.
We hope that the positive and unexpected experience of listening to this still actual music from the past will make you feel good! Enjoy!
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Let's have a new music project...

These are the words that sparked the second coming of AVENUE, bringing back together the two remaining musicians of this Montreal 80’s pop-rock band. They are pleased to invite you to their virtual world and hope you will enjoy the discovery of a fresh old sound the Way it was in those very glorious musical days.

It's an unique blend of rock and pop songs mostly influenced by such masters as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Moody Blues, with often a progressive touch à la Genesis or Yes added.

Enjoy the history of the group and the biography of it's members, their implication in each song and the story behind them. Find out the reasons why AVENUE is being given Another Life a few decades later with The Rise of the Avenue Music Project and how they intend to broadcast and spread its music.

Celebrate with us Phase 1 of the AMP site!

You love a specific song? Why not download it and enjoy it on the road? It is free of charge for a short time only. Oh, you loved them all! Well, keep on downloading, since It's all right with us as long as we are in Phase 1 of the AMP. By the way, a video of the song The Rose is now available for your enjoyment.

We'd love to hear from you!

You wish to comment? You have a suggestion? You've fallen head over heels for one of our more popular songs such as Sonny or the "lightly erotic" Jungle Gem, for example, and would like permission for your band to use them? It's simple: contact us. We are at your service and would be glad to hear from you! Just go ahead and try. You can also come and interact with us on Google+, however you need to have a Google account for that (but who does not have one?).

So join The Party and "beat the drum", especially if you are a Wild Child, since the Avenue Music Project is truly happy to be sharing with you it's digital album "Missed Avenue".

Finally, here's a message from each AMP member: "All my lovin' to everybody,
because What's life all about? Nothing but LOVE!

Please note that you can help us to keep this site alive with a small contribution.